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Community Hubs Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides assistance to migrants, refugees, international students and other temporary migrants. Our priority is to help build greater connections and social cohesion.

The National Community Hubs Program

Community Hubs work with permanent and temporary migrants and humanitarian entrants, whether they arrived in Australia last month or last decade. Hubs focus on engaging with and supporting migrant and refugee women with pre-school children, who are among Australia’s most vulnerable and isolated residents.

Hubs bridge the gap between migrant women and the wider community, giving them the best chance of achieving positive settlement outcomes. Independent evaluations indicate that Community Hubs significantly increase the uptake of services among migrant families. They serve as the vital ‘missing link’ in the service delivery chain, providing family friendly gateways linking migrants with their school, local services and each other. Hubs have opened up access pathways that are changing the way service providers do business.

The National Community Hubs Program is resourced through one of Australia’s biggest partnerships between the philanthropic sector and federal, state and local governments. The Australian Government Department of Social Services is the primary funder of the program.

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