Overview of the National Community Hubs Program

Community hubs are a placed-based people-focused initiative that respond to the needs of the local community. No two hubs look the same because the approach is very localised. The aim of a community hub is to achieve positive outcomes for children, families, schools and the local community.

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Role of a support agency – National Community Hubs Program

The support agency provides a dedicated resource that coordinates and supports the local community hub and facilitates links between the hub and local services. A more detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of the support agency can be downloaded here:

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Role of school leadership – National Community Hubs Program

The host school provides a designated space for the community hub, employs a hub leader and contributes financially to support the hub after the first two years of a hub operating in the network. The hub is an extension of the school and its culture and is a welcoming space for all.

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Find out more

To find out more about the National Community Hubs Program, and to see some of the faces that are part of the network of community hubs.

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